Thinking about the Maker Project

After working on those modules the time has come its time to think of our maker project we want to present at the Makers Fair.Doing on those modules was meant for them to spark some emotion and know its time to set our head on something we want to build.

I personally think its really hard to come up with an idea thats gonna catch peoples attention and its gonna serve someones need or want.I was thinking of making furniture,but not just furniture something that spins or something creative that will eating,sitting,watching tv much funner.

Working on this project is going to be a challenge because we don’t have the steps on how to to do or what to do.We’re going to have to go step by step until we get what we want.Its gonna take a while we’re not just gonna sit down and boom we know exactly what to do and were gonna get it on our first time,its gonna take failure.

To complete this project we need is teamwork,we need to work together and considers everyone’s idea and combine them together maybe everyone’s ideas together will lead to a better idea.

Look back soon to see what i decided to make!

Karla Jaramillo

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