Confetti Cannon

By Astrid J.

For our computer science module, Sandy, Marlene, and I made a confetti cannon. Originally it was going to use LittleBits to spin a fan that blows confetti out of a cannon-shaped structure. LittleBits are small magnetic electronics that snap together to make a circuit. Ours was going to have a battery, then a button, and then a spinning piece that would have a cardboard fan attached to it. Here is a picture of LittleBits:


However, through this module we developed such a good understanding about circuits, we didn’t even need the LittleBits to make our cannon. We ended up using a battery, alligator clips, and a plastic fan (our cardboard fan didn’t blow as much air as the plastic pre-made one). This enhanced our cannon quite a bit.

This module really helped me to understand circuits much more than I used to. I now know how to make something that works efficiently and how to use an alternative to a button.

Here is our video of the confetti cannon in action!

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