Making My Way Through The Makerspace

Light-Bulb       by Bella Roberts

As I settle into the second semester I find my mind wandering through different thoughts about high school, my maker project, and most commonly the homework that is due the next day. However, PLTW has been on my mind quite often as well. I am constantly going over old modules I have completed, ones that I had extra difficulty on, and ones that I haven’t gotten the chance to explore yet. And while I was thinking about this I realized how much I have learned from this class, and am excited about how much more I will learn. I think that everything we do will help us in the future regardless of our ambitions and eventually careers.

Right now I do not know what I would like to do when I grow up but as I continue to invest myself into this class I can feel my mind creating a list for my future.

I think the design and learning processes that we work through in this class are very helpful and are only two of the many skills that I hope to fully obtain. I have learned how to laser cut, somewhat use a saw, a sander, and levy my way through the production lab. However as far as the 3-D printer goes I have only admired it for its glory, hoping to print something later. These are things that I am so happy to have learned and hope to incorporate rate them in high school and beyond.

But maybe just as important as these other skills I learned how to work with groups in all sorts of fashion. I think it is important to learn his to work with a group but I think it is even more important to learn how to work with different shapes and sizes of groups which I have found in PLTW. If you know how to stretch your comfort level you may find yourself exploring things that you really enjoy. I feel that I have been able to stretch my comfort level and I owe it to this class.

I think one really important part about this class and the maker project is that supplies us with a lot of freedom that helps us create things that are truly creative and innovative. After continuously failing and succeeding in this class I feel ready to take on new responsibilities, like my maker project.

So, as I continue to enter the makerspace everyday, I find new inspiration in everything that I see which fuels my drive for future projects and discoveries.


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