Maker Project

Sophia N.

Period: 8th

Once again, in my class called PLTW; stands for Project Lead the Way, we’re doing another project for the rest of the year, and this time, is all about you. We got the chance to make our own creation that we want to do for our purposes and enjoyment. The project (that I haven’t thought about myself) has been desired by a girl named Celeste. Her purpose in life is to design and create majestic items. Celeste was to first person to think about making dresses, and that’s what I’m doing for the Maker Project, I’m making dresses. This idea was so amazing that we actually have 2 extra members in our group to help us out. We have me, Celeste, Thalia and Natalia. They would all want to be part of this creative design. Unfortunately, we haven’t found out how we would like the dresses to look, we actually haven’t started to think anything for the project. We had been so caught with other school work that we haven’t had time to discuss of what our plan would look like, but we had practiced sewing. I believe none of us had well experiences in making a dress, but with the help we would get I’m sure it would be enough. What we are sure (and probably gonna change the idea at the end) is that we’re gonna create a dress for each of the makers to wear, so I’ll have one with what I’d want it to have or represents me and we’ll make 3 more for the rest of my group members.

By the way, we’re not the only ones working on something, the rest of the girls in the school that (have the chance) go to PLTW, would be allowed to work there or out of school for this project. Basically, they can do whatever they want, either alone or with members. We all have to find that one thing that we really enjoy and would love to do.

But why do this specific project you might ask. Well I’ve always loved the word, ‘creativity’, it just seems so fun and artistic, it needs to be put out there for the world to see. And fashion is some of the things I like, I would always look at dresses and say what needs to be included and something that needs to be an outsider. Especially, the color the use, the color would often represent mood, and if there is something that doesn’t represent the color wouldn’t be something very logic. And it’s not only because how the dress would end up looking, but it’s the effort you put in it, some things were just made to be but some things have meaning behind it and I would like to do something like that, show what meaning is need to be displayed. The process of creating the dress would also have affection for the person who would wear it. Either you did it in a hurry and just wanted to get through it or, you actually cared to know what the consumer emotion would be like when he/she would wear it. The real question from all of this is, why this project, this idea out of a million other ideas that we could have done, and still, we ended up with this one? Well sometimes you can’t find the things that you stand for and you just get the first idea that pops out of your mind to help you out and that’s what you end up choosing to do. I wonder if this project was meant to me, I think it is because (obviously) creativity is involved in it and I couldn’t live without it. Honestly, I just can’t wait to get started.

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