Creativity Through Filming! By Lauren Gredicek

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The Rule of Thirds!

One thing I love is to be creative. Sometimes I may not be the most creative person, but I find that in making videos my creativity comes out. I think it’s easy to be creative when there’s so many possibilities on how you could bring something to life. Recently I completed the videography module with my group. Our assignment was to create a video that would portray our mission statement. In this module, I learned lots of new skills that are important in filming. For example, one thing I learned was the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is when you divide an image on a grid, and your main point of focus is where the lines intersect. I also learned more about the equipment, like using a tripod. Another thing that my skills developed in is editing. One of the things in editing I learned was how to record voice overs.

In the beginning of this whole process, we had to brainstorm ideas. We started by how we interpreted the Ann Richards mission statement. Then we thought, how could we represent this in our video, how could we show this? To us, the mission statement meant that we never give up and do our best to solve problems. We used that interpretation as a start, and it was very exciting to see our video grow from just a few ideas into a final piece that we were proud of.

In our video we tried our best to make it unique. I will admit, at many times through the process it was hard to be unique because it was very stressful, but looking at the final product was worth all the hard work.

Although I love film-making, I don’t think it is something I would pursue in the future. It’s fun, but I like it more when I get to be creative and let my mind roam instead of having certain guidelines. Although, I do feel that in this module it was more broad and open to anything. I may feel this way, but I’m very gFeatured imagelad I choose and completed this module. It was a fun experience and I learned lots of new skills. It was a chance for me to be creative and represent the mission statement however I wanted. It’s good to be creative every once in a while.

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