Maps & Modules by Candace Castillo

Maps & Modules:

By: Candace Castillo

So, this six weeks we mainly worked on topographic maps and laser printing. Why, you may ask? Because, our science teacher Ms. Miesner/Mrs. Sauter decided on combining a project that will happen in both classes. So, during Science we chose a city to work and research on, and in PLTW we decided to put some computer work in and traced a topographic map on Illustrator of our city. It was fun and all, we even got to paint the topographic map, which I enjoyed a lot. Below you will see the topographic map that me and my group created, we were in a rush when painting so, it may look a little boring. Yet it was so fun.


After the topographic maps were done and finished with we moved on to our next modules. Me and my partner were thinking about doing Screen Printing, and to what I read, meant that you could make whatever you wanted on a computer and you could put it either on a poster, shirts, boards, etc. It seemed pretty cool, but was sadly not available at the time. So we started looking at something different and came upon something in Engineering that went by the name of, Construction & Fabrication Basics. Most of you may know what that is by now, but if you don’t, basically what you are doing in this module is learning how to use power tools and learning how to build a birdhouse! Yeah, I know cool right? So far, me and my partner have finished our first challenge, which was to make a wood sandwich. A wood sandwich is where you begin to learn about all the power tools. You get to hammer in some nails and drill in some screws, pretty fun if you ask me. Here is what my finished wood sandwich look like.


This module is looking great so far, we are already planning our birdhouse and are looking forward to finishing it. I hope this blog post gave you a good inside look on what we did this six weeks and also on how fun the module is. For your next module, if you haven’t already, choose Construction & Fabrication Basics. I promise you won’t regret it!

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