Bird House By Cindy

Sierra, Elissa, Melanie, and I completed the Construction and Fabrication module. We learned the basics first like what the various tools are called, safety, and how to work those tools.


To practice our newfound knowledge, we made a ‘wood sandwich’. It is simply two blocks of wood connected by different screws and bolts. We made holes with the drills and screwed in bolts with the impact drivers.


When each of us were done with the required wood sandwich, we moved on to the bird house. First, we had to design it. Keep in mind we had certain constraints. We had to plan out the dimensions and had to improve on it several times before getting it right.

Using our skills, we cut wood with the miter saw and the band saw. We arrange the pieces and assembled it. We applied glue and put it together and used the finish nailer.

After school, Sierra and I refined the house making it look beautiful. (I came up with the idea that it should have been camouflage) We painted it altered shades of green and brown. When it was finished, I believed it was a masterpiece.image-7

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