Intro to Photography by: Bella Thomas

Photography by: Bella Thomas

This 6 weeks I completed the Photography module.In the module we had to create a pinhole camera and make it take a picture.The materials that we used were cardboard,Tape and Photography paper.But before we were able to create the camera we had to understand photography and it’s history.I really enjoyed the making of this camera.There was some trial and error and a lot of steps that were crucial for us to follow.


First before we were able to even think about making the camera we had to do some research.Each person in our group had to do research on a type of camera,I picked the pinhole camera so that i could obtain more knowledge to help us in the making process of the camera.I found out that the creator of the pinhole camera was Ibn al Haythem otherwise known as Alhazen.He created the Pinhole camera in the 10-11th century.I actually really enjoyed doing research on the pinhole camera because i learned something new that i always wanted to  know but i never really took time to look up


After we researched then we were ready to create the camera.We made our camera out of a cardboard box.On box we out a square in the middle of the front flap.Then we put Aluminum foil under it and poked a hole in the middle.After we glue the foil we put electrical tape over the hole so that when we are ready to take the picture we can open the tape and then close it so that it works as a shutter.Once we were done it was time to put the photographic paper in the camera in the dark room so that no light could damage the film.

When we were done putting the film in the camera,we were ready to take our picture.To take the picture we had to first find a shady area so that the sun light couldn’t damage the process and film paper.Then we had to find a non living object to photograph because living objects can’t stay still which could blur the picture.Next we had to set up the box on something and open the shutter for 2-3 minutes therefore giving us the right amount of light exposure for the picture.Lastly we had to close the shutter and then go inside to develop  the picture.

Once we were done taking the picture we had to go back in the dark room and develop the pictures.While developing the picture we all had to wear  gloves because of the chemicals used during picture development.After we had on our gloves we had to take the film out of the camera and places in a shallow tub filled with fluid.As the the photo was moved around in the chemicals the picture started to slowly developed. I really enjoyed being able to show people the photo that i took my self from a pinhole box camera that started out as a bunch of cardboard pieces and some tools.I honestly think that what i should know from this module is that you can make anything out of nothing and that knowing what you’re capable of creating is important

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