Birdhouse-Xochitl de la cruz

I really enjoyed this module because I learned a lot of different things for example..we learned to handle different tools how to place them like the woodcutter it was scary at first but after awhile it was easy to handle with precaution. We also needed a sketch or design of what we wanted it to look like we went through many different designs like two story bird houses and tree shaped houses. But we settled with the simple but classic box shaped bird house with a little side “porch”. We weren’t able to paint it since we ran out of time but we we’re satisfied with our final result. Throught the process we learned many skills of how to handle some really odd but cool tools. Some we hadn’t even heard of or seen for example I had no idea what clamps were until I had to use them to hold down the wooden house to not have it fall apart.

But before we did any of that we had to answer a quiz to see if we could “handdle” some of the things we needed to build the birdhouse. After we all successfully finished the quiz we started out with our small planks of wood, and try to learn how to nail or screw things into them with the proper tools. After we finished the training process we were ready to build our birdhouse! We started out cutting the pieces we needed with the wood cutter then we glued then together and let them dry. Once they were dry we clamped them and nailed the together. After we added the hole so the little birds could go into their new house. And presto we were finished completely.

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