2015 Maker Faire! By: Elly G.

When I first heard about the Maker Faire last year, I thought of it to be a place for inventors to show off their new inventions. As it is a place to display creations, I immediately crossed it off my list of things I want to do as I knew I was an
amateur. Later into the school year around December 2014, we were told that one of our projects was to be for the Maker Faire even if it didn’t get displayed there. I was uneasy to the idea at first but soon came across a couple ideas that got me loving the project.

When it came time that we had to put our thoughts on paper, I started to think of my interests and things I’ve always had fascinations with. The first thing that popped into my head was music. I am extremely fascinated with the things people can do with wind, motion, impact, etc. that makes beautiful sounds. I thought of something a little less complicated and thought of wind chimes. Everyone has heard the beautiful sounds and admired the art incorporated into it. This thought gave me 2 things I wanted to do with my Maker Faire project. A musical art piece.

I thought of my project as strange and unpredictable, but found that a lot of people were thinking the same things as I was. About 3 other girls brought their similar ideas to mine and we were set on the creation of something amazing. We started basic with the different points of what kind of sound we wanted to make, what kind of instrument, what kind of art, materials, deadlines, etc. Although it took awhile, we settled on a rough draft of what was set out for us.

After a couple of classes and major critiques, we managed to get a finalized materials list and an amazing blueprint for what the instrument would look like.

     The instrument will be a hanging piece (as a wind chime is). The base of the instrument will be a wooden and laser cut tree with glass ornaments swinging around them that appear to be birds (this is what will make the sound when the wind blows). Overall the teamwork to this piece has been widely experienced and is still more to come. Although the project is nowhere near finished, it’s a great feeling to have knowing that you are going to accomplish something greatly.

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