Lets Build A Birdhouse! By: Sierra Green

For the 7th module in our Project Lead the Way class we made a birdhouse. At first when I heard we were doing this, I got kind of overwhelmed. Once I realized all the broken down steps, I thought that it would be a little bit easier. Once I got the concept of making this birdhouse, I started to think that it will be really fun.

Before we could actually make the birdhouse, my group had to answer some questions. Would the birdhouse be big? Small? What type of bird will this birdhouse be made for? After discussing these questions for a long time, we decided to make the birdhouse for a fairly small bird. Since the birdhouse was being made for a small bird, we had to make a small birdhouse.

The next step we had to do before making the birdhouse was make a sketch of the birdhouse. We had to do this because in the real engineering world you can’t just go and start building, you have to make a blueprint or some other type of sketch. When we got started on the sketch of our birdhouse it was kind of difficult.We had to really think about how the birdhouse was going to look after we built it and if it would come together nicely. Eventually, we made a pretty good sketch with accurate measurements.

Now, it was time for the fun stuff! We got to build the birdhouse! My group and I measured out each length of the wood with a speed square for straight and precise lines. After this we had to make a hole in one of the sides for the bird with a drill with a bit that made a big hole.Next, we cut them using this special saw called the Miter or Chop saw. Before using this saw we had to take major safety precautions. We had to make sure we were wearing goggles, hearing protection, and there was not any loose hair or clothing hanging.

After cutting each piece of wood, it was time to put it together. We used wood glue and clamps to hold the pieces of wood together over night. Once we came back the next class, we took the clamps off and reinforced the birdhouse with nails using a very powerful brad nailer. At first I was scared to use the brad nailer, but after using it a couple times, I learned to love the brad nailer.

After doing all of this, my team members and I got to paint the birdhouse. We painted our birdhouse camouflage so the birdhouse could not be seen by predators. Once we did that, we were done!

This module was really fun to do and it made me really consider doing some more things in this type of field. I learned how to use a miter saw, a brad nailer, and a drill. I think that these skills will help me in the future just in case I need to fix something around my house really quickly.

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