Maker Space Project Idea by Lily Myers

The maker project is coming around the corner Sage and I luckily thought of  an idea. Well actually two ideas. Our first idea was mine, it was a phone case that projected what was on the screen. When we tried the beginning of the application we kept on pulling blanks on how to make the projector compact, how to make it project the phone, and how to make a clear image in the light. Then when we looked up phone projectors we saw a lot of really cool.

 Then while we were trying to figure out how to make it more unique and innovate it more Mr. Smith, the art teacher mentioned an idea that we decided we were going to go with. The idea is we are going to make a virtual world much like new video games coming out. There is cool addition, it will be on a phone that we will program.

 The maker space idea was originated in a new and not so known idea from google cardboard where it is a samsung phone program and a cardboard piece. The cardboard piece you cut to form a goggle looking glasses that holds your phone. Then you program the app using a google program to make a virtual world.

 The virtual world app is where if you move or you look a different way the view will change. Sometimes depending on how advanced the programming is you can add a  noises. This virtual world is a cool, convenient, and can be used for views, moments, and much more.

 The new thing that we are adding besides programming the  of a virtual world and the cardboard headpiece sage and I will program for apple phones instead the samsung because that is not existed yet.

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