Maker Project: Fashion and Lights ——-Celeste——–

I am very excited to say that I have my maker project idea and I am very thrilled! So, I’m gonna be working with Thalia, Sophia and Natalia, and we are all really good friends, so this project is going to be so fun. I love fashion! It’s like my life! I love to design dresses and make them something amazing. I like street style for myself, but glam for fashion.                                                 tomboy 2


Street style is so comfortable and cute to me. Glam though, it looks like you are the most beautiful person in the world and you own everyone’s carpet


So, what my group and I are going to do for the maker project is, a collection of dresses designed and constructed by us. Now, we wanted to incorporate some kind of unexpected element that takes engineering so it would be futuristic and cool. That element is lights! We are going to arduino lily pads in between the seams of the dress and other parts.

lily arduino

With the arduino lilypad inbetween the dress and as a design element it will look amazing! We’ve still yet to discuss how exactly the dresses will be but, we have

plenty of ideas to spare.

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