No Commitment is a Commitment by Pattie A.

Hello! It’s almost time for our maker project! I am a little nervous, but I am sooo excited to finally start putting my crazy ideas into action!

This past semester has been crazy! Throughout the semester, we completed different modules under 3 different pathways which are media tech, engineering and biomed. The point of the modules was for us to take a sneakpeak to each pathway offered (we will have to chose a pathway for high school) and see where our main interest fit(s) in! As we finished each module, I got some ideas for my maker project, but at the same time I doubted them. The two pathways that interest me the most are biomed and engineering, so I thought of some ideas that would fit into both categories. I am still not sure what I am going to make exactly, but when it came time for each of us to put our ideas into a discussion board, I got to see others ideas and I guess kind of “collab” with them.

One particular idea that got my attention was the idea of a microscope/telescope. As I talked to the person who thought of this idea, so many new things came to mind. I pictured what it would look like, what it would be made out of and how to make it original, like maybe put a little logo or something to make it uniquely ours. Of course, it’s not going to be a telescope that looks into space (which would be so cool), but more of a microscope.

The whole point of this maker project is to create/meet a human want or need(s) to make life easier/better. Not only that, but to create it ourselves. Use our modules knowledge and creativity and make something amazing.

The first idea I thought of was a solar powered charger. Another girl had the same thing in mind, which was pretty cool! We looked up some ways to build it and while reading some information, I got another idea, which was coming up with a solar powered keyboard that lights up at night, or anytime to be exact. It seemed a lot more challenging than what I thought. Another thing that came to mind was the amount of time it would take to create either one. I realized that it would take a little longer than 2 months to make it actually function, so I let that idea kind of wander off, but it’s still in mind. Not long after, I talked to Bella about her microscope/telescope idea and I kind of fell in love with the idea more than the solar powered charger/keyboard.

Our main goal is to have our product(s) completed before April 10th, just in time for the maker faire! The maker faire is a time in which people show off their work and ideas. I think it’s going to be amazing to look at my other classmates ideas and others and maybe develop something of my own based on others ideas!

The neat thing is that we get to fill out applications. We apply for our idea and our teacher approves or declines with suggestions. Honestly, the application lowers my stress a little. With the application, we get to really think about our project. We get to put our ideas into paper and really think about our idea(s).

Today actually, I was talking to Truc (one of my classmates) about a magnetic puzzle globe! Bella also got interested too! We don’t just want it to be a plain globe, but we want to create multiple globes that make people think differently about the world and our community.

I personally want to make a wooden globe, like the one shown below. Maybe add a few facts about each continent underneath the engraved continent shape! Talk a little about the   lifestyle, history to how it came to be named and such!


Not only would it be educational, but fun! A hands on thing!

I have been looking forward to this since the beginning of the year. I am a little scared though. I fear that my project will be an epic fail or not really possible. But whatever. It’s time to let go of those thoughts and think of the amazing end product(s)! I am so excited to see what I end creating! Also, learn about others ideas and maybe think/see something that  I believe can improve myself and make it bigger and better!

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