I pledge to the rule of thirds by: Sara P.

The Ann Richards School for young women leaders,

dedicates itself to prepare young women to attend

and graduate from college,

commit to a healthy and well balanced lifestyle,

lead with courage and compassion,

and solve problems creatively and ethically,

in support of our global community.

We recite this statement everyday, to remind ourselves what we are meant to do in our time at Ann Richards. In PLTW we had a module named- Videography. The purpose of this module was to capture the mission statement in a video. We didn’t necessarily have to capture the mission statement word by word, it was more about capturing the essence of the school. We captured a lot of good things about the school such as: the author visits, the college center, the cafeteria, the friendships made, the activeness, and the team leadership. The school is filled with so many opportunities, and we decided to catch most of them. This module required imagination, editing and filming skills, compassion, and patience.

For the first challenge, we individually had to look at the rule of thirds and capture an image using the rule of thirds. When we captured our image, we uploaded it to a group discussion, containing other peoples images. After we did this individual challenge, we got together with our group and started brainstorming. Next, we made a storyboard with pictures and descriptions of what scenes and moments we wanted to capture. We were told that we could add in other moments that weren’t necessarily on the storyboard. This part required the most creativity. After this step, we decided to start filming. Filming takes creativity, Filming requires you to play around with the angles of the shots and the lighting. It takes compassion and determination to film a very good film. When we captured all of our short films, it was time to put them together. We went on the Mac’s and uploaded all of our footage to imovie. The next step required a lot of patience, we had to organize the footage and erase the unneeded part. This was the step that required a lot of patience, which I do not have. Luckily, with the help of my team we finished editing and uploaded the video.

Not every film-making experience will go this way, but it will require determination, compassion, patience, leadership, imagination, and creativity.  

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