Engineering is harder than it looks

My last module what probably the hardest one I’ve done. For all the other modules before it I had chosen media tech, but recently I finished all the the media tech modules, so there was nothing left to do except engineering or biomed. If you know me, (which you probably don’t) you know that I can’t really handle biomedical things. Blood? sure. Guts? I don’t mind seeing a kidney here or there. The part that really gets me is doing ‘hands on’ kind of things, hearts are cool, until I have to hold one. I know that we’re not going to be doing anything that extreme in PLTW, but that isn’t the only reason I didn’t chose that pathway. I also find biomed very boring. So naturally I decided to go down the engineering path, thinking that it wouldn’t be that different from the media tech. I was wrong. Engineering is a lot more technical than media tech. To me, media tech was kind of like ‘alright let’s try this out and if it doesn’t work we can just take it apart and do it again, until we get it right.’ Engineering is more, ‘ take everything into accounting, the measurements have to be perfect because if we screw this up there’s no redos.’ Since this was my first time doing something like this I was kind of intimidated, and I didn’t do too well on my first module, but now I know what to expect for next time, I’ll be prepared this time.

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