Experience in Media Tech

Carolina Vazquez 7th period 01/25/2015

Experience in Media Tech

These couple of weeks we have been working on a new module, this module is called intro to photography. And that’s when you basically learn about the history of photographs, and get to make your own camera out of recycled materials. And with the camera that we made, we got to take pictures.

It was fun to learn about developing the picture we took, and how an old fashioned camera actually worked. It’s very different from us taking pictures now in the modern day. Where we can just take pictures with our phone and just print them on paper. But back then it was very different, they had to do a lot of steps and they had to wait a long time in order to get the picture that they wanted. They would also have to be very still, so you couldn’t take a picture of someone because that person would have to be very still.

We made a pinhole camera, a pinhole camera was a box that was closed so no light could get it. At the end of the camera there was the actual paper for our picture. And of course there was a tiny pin hole at one end that we had to close. The pinhole was for taking the picture. When you were ready to take your picture, you took the tape of the pinhole, and let the camera sit in front of what you wanted to take a picture of. The sun rays from what you were taking a picture of would get in the pinhole and would “print” at the back of the camera which had the photo paper. The pinhole camera basically works with light, and when the light rays come into the tiny pin hole basically printed into your photo paper. Then you can develop the picture. The more light the more detailed the picture will turn out. Now don’t over expose it, because if you your picture will turn out just white. Don’t underexpose it either because then you will get just a black picture. Which we had happened before to our group.

During this whole process of photographing and learning the history of the cameras. It really does change how you look at cameras.It was really difficult to get a good picture back then and now we can just take pictures in a second and be perfect. I have also learned that color photographs weren’t available.If you wanted a color picture you had to take pictures of what you wanted in different tints and then you have to put them together. So it was very difficult to get color picture. I really did like taking pictures and developing the picture. I feel like that was really fun but you have to have a lot of patience. I don’t feel like Media Tech is something that I could have a stable job or have a good job in photography. I don’t think that that’s for me I’m more of a engineer person I’m more about tinkering. I feel like engineers are successful at what they do. I think its fun but I don’t feel like its a career that I could do every single day. During this whole experience It really has sparked on what I want to do later on in life. I just love working in engineering. But media Tech is amazing as well. I think that’s about it thank you.

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