Materials Module By: Leslie M.

Hello my name is Leslie Morales and today I am going to talk about the last module I did. The last module I did  was the Materials module which is in the Engineering Pathway.  My group and I had choose a word from our character traits. The word that my group and I chose is COOPERATION. We choose the word cooperation because we think that working as a team and collaborating together is really important.

The people in my group are Sara V, Angelica E, Selena A, and Luz C. My group and I decided to divide the letters of our word. My letters were P, E, and N. Everybody else got 2 letters.

My group and I had decided that we will make our letters out of wood, but we had to use up-cycled materials and the wood that were in the scrap pile were too small to make 16 inch letters. So then we had to think about another material to use. We finally decided to use cardboard and styrofoam to make our letters. I used cardboard for the three letters I had.

This project was fun and challenging at the same time.This project was fun because I like to make and build things. This project was also fun because I also like to paint. This project was challenging because at first we couldn’t think of what recycled materials to use.

By: Leslie Morales

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