Materials Module

Natalia Vazquez

My experience working with this module was good and you gain knowledge about the materials that you use and see daily in life.

The type of matimageerials that I talk about is  Concrete, Concrete mixing, Lumber, Wood Grain, Plastic, Steel, Gold, Copper, Cork, Aluminum,and Plywood. In our group the challenge one of this module was to pick one material and we choose plastic we had to create a wiki about plastic, on how plastic is made and what can plastic do. Plastic can be melted down and be recycle to form other plastic things like a water bottle. Plastics are made from oil and oil is a carbon-rich raw material and plastics are large carbon-containing compounds. I feel proud by knowing a little more about plastic, and I also think that people should know about more information plastic a material that is use by everyone.

The challenge two was my favorite because you can actually work with materials and I enjoy working with machines. Our group we were to make a inspirational word I thought it was a nice thing to do. The letters had to be of three different materials we used wood for one of our materials in letters we choose “Hope”. I had fun decorating the letters after we were done making them and this was a great creative way of using materials.

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