Working as a Team

By:Jacinda P.

working as a team

Working as a team can be a hard thing for everybody.

When working in a team requires communication because situations like a team members missing and if someone is sick, they are not gonna know what to do next class and just be lost. That is why you get their email or phone number or anything that you can reach them with so they aren’t lost the next day.

Team work can be hard for people who are more independent and like to work by themselves because then they might want to “control” or “lead” the group when everyone should have equal opportunities to share your ideas and work on the project.

On that subject, everyone should have a say in the group because during a project you should be enjoying it and do what you like, working as a group you have to compromise because everything can’t be your way.  You have to do something everything likes, kind of like a pizza, when some want cheese but someone wants meat lovers you can just get half and half and you both can enjoy the pizza. It should be the same with a group.

In a group you have to get along to work together. So if in class you get put in a group with someone you don’t like then you have to be mature and get your work done because if you don‘t want to do something it not only affects you but it affects the whole group, so the whole group should not fail just because you didn’t want to contribute to the group because you didn’t like someone.

So in conclusion, working in a group can be a good thing if you make it, you have to have communication, maturity, and integrity to work in a group.

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