A Whole New Class by: Alyssa I.

The newest addition to our school is our Makerspace. In the Makerspace we have PLTW, this year in PLTW we have modules that are based off of the pathways we have in highschool which are Biomed, Engineering, and Media Tech.

The Makerspace is made up of two rooms. The first room has the tables and computers and we have to use for Media Tech and our haiku modules.Second Room TFirst Room he second room is the building room where you can build things for engineering and also biomed. There’s paint, tools, and anything else you would need to build with. I love the makerspace because it’s a place where you can be creative and think outside the box and go your own way with not that many instructions to do.

In 8th grade you’re supposed to start thinking about what pathway you want to be in next year, and in makerspace is where you can experienced any kind of pathway any way you want to. I know the makerspace was not an easy thing to build and get reading for the school year for everyone to use. So I would just like to say thank you to our 8th grade PLTW teacher Mrs.Sauter for the makerspace because she made it happen and now we can be creative in our own way and have new awesome experiences in our last year of middle school.

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