Videography and iMovie by Savannah W.

Videography and iMovie

This past module I completed was Videography. We were told to basically make our school’s mission statement in a video. If you don’t know our mission statement, it’s the following:

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

dedicates itself to prepare young women to

attend and graduate from college,

commit to a healthy and well balanced lifestyle,

lead with courage and compassion,

and solve problems creatively and ethically

in support of our global community.

The first part of our module was to create a storyboard, which is when you draw out and draft your ideas of what you want to do in your video. I think that this is very important to know, because when I grow up I might want to work in advertising, and they use storyboards for every commercial that is made.


The next part of our project was to actually finalize and film what we planned on our storyboard. The filming of our video was caotic. We got about 4 days to walk around the school and film what we had planned. We used tripods and samsung cameras to film. During this process, I learned how to use the rule of thirds, and I think that knowing how to use that tool is very important for good picture and video taking.

The final part of our project was to edit our video using iMovie. I really enjoyed this part, because I enjoyed learning how to slow the video clips down, clip things out, and just learn the basics of the editing process.

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