For Module number six, I chose to be in the Construction and Fabrication Basics Module. The main idea for this Module, was to be able to use new tools correctly and know their names. What we had to do for our first challenge, was to create a wood sandwich. We had to put two pieces of wood together and nail 3 different types of nails into the two pieces of wood.

For our second challenge we had to create a right angle birdhouse. And let me tell you, it wasn’t that easy. Our first try was a fail because we didn’t have right angles and our second try was the same. We weren’t giving up. So instead, we had a third try, and we finally had a birdhouse.

I really enjoyed working on this module. It was fun and at the same time I learned a lot from my mistakes. I can use the skills that I learned in class and use them later on in the future, like probably making a doghouse or creating something else.

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