“The Ann Richards School for young women leaders dedicates itself to prepare young women to attend and graduate from college, committed to a healthy and well balanced lifestyle lead with courage and compassion and solve problems creatively and ethically to support our global community.”

For this module we had to film several videos that had to follow the idea of our mission statement we filmed many videos and sometimes we had to redo them because our videos would get lost or because the video would be too shaky.

During this module we had to film about 14 videos but only used about eight. We had many different ideas like we filmed the front of the school and show the name of our school for the first part of the mission statement. The second part was a video of ms.Mathai teaching her class and also a 7th grade teacher and her class. The third video was of the college center. The fourth was of the cafeteria followed by the gym and us playing basketball showing the our well balanced lifestyle. We also filmed us helping the community by helping students in our school and donating food for the food drive.

During this module we had some problems like having to redo our videos and being off task we also had to get an extension date for the video. But, besides all of that we worked hard and did a good job in our video.

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