Hour of Code by Alex Coxe

Scratch, Hour Of Code


At the beginning of last week all of the 8th grade students participated in HOC, or also known as Hour of Code. During the HOC we all went on a website called Scratch and used different combinations of coding to create different patterns, movements, sounds, and projects.


The first time we did this we started with our first task, which was to create a fun design to show our names. We used coding to make the letters change colors, move, have sound, talk with speech bubbles, and even more! What we had to do directly to get all these different things to happen was we had to choose different blocks that have a specific actions and put them in specific orders to have them talk or move.


There are different themes for each block. Each block had a different meaning/job. For example, one block said,”If clicked” meaning that you would put multiple blocks under that had different abilities and that all did something to make your Sprite do something when a person clicked on it. Now I bet you’re wondering what a “Sprite” is. A sprite is a decal or sticker that you have chosen to code/program. Programing these sprites were not very hard. The only thing that was hard was trying to get the blocks to coordinate with each other to get them to do what you’d like them to do.


During Hour of Code I kept asking myself one giant question. Why are we even doing this in the first place? What is so important about it? At the end i realized one giant point that was trying to be noticed, a point to be made. Not enough women are in Coding. Everyone has thoughts saying,”Coding? The stuff with the numbers? And blocks? Oh my, that seems so scary and just too complicated.” Scratch made me realize that it really isn’t that hard or scary. Scratch simplified it just into blocks and all we had to do is arrange them into a specific action. Hour of Code had a giant impact on myself because i learned that nothing is as scary as it seems. I also realized that i’m actually kinda interested in coding.


In all, Hour of Code had a giant message but within it, everyone took away something different. I leave you with one last thing though, don’t be afraid to do things outside of your comfort zone, you might enjoy it in the end.

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