Hour Of Code 2014

Hour Of Code 2014
Jasmine A.

This six weeks we started something called the “hour of code” where we used the computer to get onto a website called Scratch, Scratch is a website that allows you to create anything you want, involving sound, motion, and programing your “sprites” to do what you want, when you want them to. A sprite is the character you choose to program, it can be chosen from the default characters or you can draw one on your own.

To program your sprite you have to click on it and on the side you will see all the commands you can choose from, and the commands fit together like a puzzle, the cool thing is that you can choose how long your sprite performs an action for, they can go on forever or just for a few seconds it’s really just all in your hands, its all up to you.

I actually really enjoyed using Scratch because it reminds me of how we got to experiment with it in elementary school, so it basically helped me rebuild my “programming skills” which is really cool.

Now that I remember how to use the website I think that I may just use it in my free time, because I think it would be really fun to create something on my own, without instructions on the side, telling me what to do.

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