By: Nayeli Espinoza

In GTT 2 we are learning about our pathways and get to experience  a little bit of every pathway. Anyway were all doing different modules and we do different things but we all are trying our best to get this done and to work as best as we can. Even if we don’t like the module at least we learned something that we don’t like it and wont chose it as a  pathway for next year .

This module is about constriction and fabrication which means  that we get to build stuff ourselves but of course we get to work with a group because we would all need help and its better to work with your friends. Back to the point there are always different options and you could take a risk and try something you’re sure you won’t like but its better to try things than to say I don’t think i will like it.

What I really like about this module is that we got to design our own birdhouse and that we even got to use  the tools and even paint it. The best part is that  I got to do it with my friends and that we worked as a team and didn’t argue about who got to do this and that and I thought that was really cool and nice out of everyone’s part.

Anyway the main idea of this project was about learning how to use the tools and how to  plan things out before you actually make it like blueprints  we actually have to watch some videos about  how to use some tools and how to be safe while using them.

Then when you find out if you enjoyed or didn’t like that specific pathway you wont make that choice at the end of the school year.

In conclusion its always better to try new things and to experience something new every day than to be working in something you already know . When its all over you can say I liked that module or say I didn’t like it but at least I tried it. And that’s what this class is really about, to try new things to see if you’ll like it or not .

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