Simply Engineering

So far this year I have only done the engineering modules. I am most likely going to pick the engineering pathway. I haven’t done much construction like engineering, I have leaned more towards the technology aspect of it. Doing these technology modules, and being around and watching other people building things have has inspired my maker project. By doing this maker project I will get to explore the construction part of engineering and decide if I will also like this.
I think that I will, and I am really excited about it. I have had this idea since the beginning of the year and I am glad that we are finally getting to do it.

So far in my modules I have done Blogging, Mechanical Systems, Automation and Robotics, and Computer Science. All of them were engineering, but the technology half as you can tell. I have always been interested in building things, but I don’t kn ow what happened this year. I got caught up in technology things and never got to do any building modules. I hope that my idea for the maker project gets approved, but if it doesn’t, I will probably do one more module, the Construction and Fabrication Basics, and then either join a group. I
will either join a group focused on building something with wood and using the saws, or a group doing a project on technology, making a robot, website, ect.

I hope that my project gets approved. Think that it will help me to thoroughly explore engineering and help me prepare myself for what I am committing myself to by picking the engineering pathway.

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