Computer Sciences by Zoe Taulli

Right now in PLTW we are working with Little Bits. These are small peices of hardware that snap together with magnets. This makes it easy for anyone to create things without learning programing or having to know any background in computr sciences. All you need to do is put together power, input, and output.

There were many great projects including a lighthouse, spinning Christmas trees, and fire spitting dragons. We chose to do a car that was driven by a motor and its front lights come on.

We had many challenges along the way and the end result was not as good as we were hoping for. But all that matters is that we put our all into it. We had to redo it around 5 times, adjusting the body and adding/ taking away additions.

Our finished product might not roll on the ground but its wheels turn and thats what counts. I think the fact that ours isn’t perfect just shows that we reached as high as we could and didn’t settle for anything lower. We didn’t take the easy road

One thought on “Computer Sciences by Zoe Taulli

  1. arsclassof2019 says:

    I really like how you wrote about this because you make it sound very interesting and you also provide extra information like you don’t have to know how to program it . I think that’s very helpful for people who are interested in doing this module.
    -Nayeli Espinoza


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