Always Follow Instructions- Isabella Baladez

While working on my previous project I realized something very important. Always follow instructions, unless it asks you to intervene. Something very bad could happen, and your end product could come out wrong or incomplete. During my pinhole camera project I didn’t follow the instructions exactly, and in the end we didn’t get the results that we wanted. In our most recent project, which was screen printing, I made sure to follow the instructions exactly as they were written, to make sure I got it perfect. Even after I followed all the instructions as well as I could, I still messed it up. The lesson I am trying to convey is to always follow the instructions to the best of your ability. Sometimes following the instructions is hard; maybe you don’t have the right materials, maybe you don’t understand what it says, whatever the circumstances, you still need to follow the instructions as much as you can. To make sure that you are following the instructions correctly, I would suggest using instructions with pictures, so that you can compare what you’re doing to what they did. If you can’t find instructions with pictures, find a simple set of instructions, one without big words, or with very detailed steps. These methods may help you get a better product.

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