Construction and Fabrication Basis Vanessa Mireles


The module that I did for this 6 weeks was Construction and Fabrication- Materials. The letters needed to be made out of recycled materials. We needed to choose a word that represented our school and we were going to choose Graceful, but for short we did Grace.

First we thought of recycled materials we could use. For three of the letters R, A, and C we used wood. Letter G we used styrofoam and for E we use cardboard. When we went and asked Ms.Sauter if she had recycled wood in her class and she said “There’s a wooden crate outside, you can use that.” When we went outside we saw the wood and cardboard. Karla said “Okay, let’s get some of the cardboard,” and Lendy said “Ms.Sauter said to get the Crate.” We went with the cardboard.

Later Ms.Sauter came outside and the Cardboard was all ripped apart. What we really needed to take apart was the wooden crate. So we started to take apart the wood and we used that as the three letters. The carton, we found in a recycling bin and the styrofoam we had found in a box. We use mostly the Bandsaw to cut the pieces of wood. When the letters were all done we painted them and put recycled materials as decorations like water bottle caps, letters from magazines and cloth.  The letters came out looking really good.

What I learned from this module was how to use the Bandsaw to cut wood. I think that learning to use this tool will help me a lot in the future if I were to choose another Construction module or this engineering pathway. I also learned how to make a decoration for my room, I could to do my name and that would save my parents money. I could make something that I learned how to do in class.

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