Patience is key Sara P.

In this past module that I did with my group, we made a pinhole camera. There were a lot of complications, but the ending result was astonishing. My group and i successfully managed to take a picture with this pinhole camera.

I have to admit this has been one of the most stressful modules that I’ve ever done. First step was to make the camera. We used a recycled caprisun juice box and we taped it up into its original shape. One of the complications in this step was that we had to make sure that the box let no sunlight in. The next step was loading the camera with film.

After loading up the camera, we went outside and tried to capture a picture of an object. We picked up the piece of paper that acted as a shutter, and we left the camera on a still surface for an increment of 45 seconds. We went back into the dark room and processed the film, it came out all black. There was too much light exposure. We loaded up the camera again and tried to take another picture with a less amount of sunlight exposure. We went back to the dark room. It came out completely black, again. We kept on decreasing the time of sunlight exposure, until we successfully got an image. We were all astonished.

This module was all about trial and error, we had to look at results and change the variables as we got results. This was a stressful module. It took my team and I at least 9 tries to get our final product. Patience is what this module taught me. You need patience for all sorts of jobs, and if you don’t have the patience for trying to make a camera work, the you surely have to practice on being patient.

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