Computer Science

By: Natalia Vázquez

The main idea of this Module is to learn how to make microcontrollers, learn to use the laser cuter, and learn to identify simple computers and complex computers. This was a great  creative module.

My group was Zoe, Gisel and Macy on our challenge two our assignment was to make something interesting and artistic with the microcontrollers(littleBits) we tested all of them and decided that the best idea was to make a car. Our materials was the littleBits, a hot glue gun and cardboard.

The plan was that our first step was measure in the computer how much is our were we going to need to make the car. The second step was to laser cut the cardboard. The third step was to put the cardboard pieces together by gluing them. The fourth step was testing it with the littleBits and finish!

To make the car was a big challenge we had a conflict on making the car the right size at first we made a mistake our car was too small the littleBits didn’t fit. We all felt really disappointed but that’s the process into making our design. So we measure again to have the right size and the right order to put in the littleBits.

What I most enjoyed in our group was we all contribute in each step.

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