My Favorite Module

Elyssa J. Castillo
7th period
My Favorite Module

My favorite module would have to be building a birdhouse, which is engineering. I really do enjoy engineering, mostly because I get to connect with my dad and he’s in the construction field (he’s an electrician).

The first challenge was new and weird to me because, I don’t know it was just weird. We had to make a wood sandwich with a nail, nut, bolt, screw, a washer. It was pretty hard to nail in the nail with a hammer…people in the movies make it look so easy.

But next came to actually making the birdhouse. We had to cut the wood, glue it, nail it, and then make it all pretty. There was a lot more steps than what you might think it is. But if you put time and effort into this module you’ll end up with an amazing birdhouse.

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