Videography by Bella thomas

Videography by Bella Thomas

This is six weeks I find finished a module for videography.During this module I had to work with a team to create a video about our mission statement. The people who were in my group were Madison Irwin,Michiah Thomas and Zoe Renteria.we had lots of fun and learned many skills. But there was also some things that were complicated.

Doing this module has taught me many skills.Some of these skills include knowing how to film correctly.Before I started this module I had no idea how to get the best angels in a camera or how to use the rule of thirds until I asked my sister who is in media tech and she explained.When we started filming we had to use the grid and rule of thirds which was hard at first but then after a while I got used to it.By deciding to do this module I can now use camera’s the right way and also I can know this for 9th grade when I do the media tech pathway

During the Videography module me and my group created a video.First before we were able to do a video for challenge two we had to create a picture that used the rule of thirds.After we did that then it was time to create the video.To make the video we used iPhones and cannon cameras and to edit we use a mac computer with the imovie app.While we were filming we roamed around campus finding the right kind of lighting and symbols that represented our mission statement.I enjoyed this module and can’t wait for more.
The picture is of me twirling and my teammate doing a cartwheel.The picture obeys the rule of thirds

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