Computer Science ~Gisel

For my last module we did computer science. We got the idea to do a little police car. When we first started it was a big idea, with no setbacks nothing to hold us back. After we got more into the project we fastly discovered that, that was the magic of engineering. We had the idea we had the tools and we started! We had to go back and redraw our idea a few times to fit our car, we also had to fix the car a few times until it all fit, and all worked. For this module we had to be very open minded, because we had to be okay with the ideas that even dough we had an idea it wasn’t always going to be good at the first try. This project made us frustrated, worried, happy, mad, but at the end you always know it’s worth it. This module had us working hard, and made us have mixed feelings, but in my opinion this module is one that shows you how you have to try and try harder until you get something right, and now has become one of my favorite modules I have done before. For this module we learned how to program in our case a little car with little-bits to spin the weals, have the little lights and siren go on and of constantly with just the start button ect.

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