It’s Alive! -By : Yenifer De Lara Gutierrez- 3rd

And there it was… Big. Sharp. Metal. It even had teeth! And it made a sound, an atrocious sound. Yellow. Out of all the colors. Yellow. Circular and jagged in parts. It controlled me, yet I knew that if I wanted to,could control it. Either way, it took over me, but only because I let it. It targeted my 5 senses. I couldn’t touch it, I could get hurt. I couldn’t see it, it was ugly. I couldn’t taste or smell it, because, uh, it was metal. It was stationary and lonely, isolated.

I could go on and on about this “it”. I don’t know if you were able to tell what the “it” was. But… Okay, so, the top paragraph talks about my thoughts on the miter saw, you know, the one in the corner. I’m sure you’ve seen it, its hard to ignore. I did eventually use the miter saw, and speaking in all truth, it wasn’t even that bad, I was just being a little baby, and I recognize that.

The miter saw became alive! It rose from the ashes, I portrayed the tool as a wild beast, fatal & lethal. I learned after wards that my thought(s) were wrong. You can’t say unless you know.

I’ve learned that appearances fool you and that everything isn’t what it seems, there’s much more than looks… I hope this blog post was enjoyed by you;)

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