Filmmaker For a Day

Hi! It’s Maite again, and I just wanted to talk to you today about the module I most recently finished. Videography. It was probably one of my favorite ones, because you got to go around the school to film, and get really creative to express the idea of our mission statement. When I first chose this module with my group, I was a bit hesitant about doing it because I had never been that interested in the Media Tech pathway and doing film. Though, once I got started, I really realized how enjoyable it was.

Not only was the filming itself fun, but the before and after filming was fun too. Before the filming, my group and I sketched and wrote out ideas of what to film, what would be said, and who would say it. This helped us create a well made film. Afterwards, we used garageband to put the mission statement into the video as well as some background music. It was really fun to record and find music through that program.

Doing this module really showed me that things that might not have interested you in the past can be interesting to you now if you try them out and give them a chance. The videography module opened an interest int the Media Tech pathway and now I would like to explore that as a possibility too!

I hope that the modules and projects you have done, or do in the future, will inspire you and spark interest in you to go after and explore new things. Exploring new things will help you get a better idea and feel of what pathway you want to take next year, and help you make sure you choose the right one! Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

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