The Film Makers Return!

Recently in my class of project lead the way, we’ve been working on our modules and the one that I want to talk to you all about today is one that stood out to me the most, the one I enjoyed and had the most fun with and the one that came out the best was — drum roll please! — the Videography module.

Videography is basically the same thing as film making, just a shorter version of a film. The assignment was to make a video of a tour of our school and adding the mission statement to it, but since ours was just as good without it, we decided not to include the mission statement.

The first step on making our very awesome video of our very nice school is to film it. We borrowed a video camera, grabbed a tripod, and started filming. We started at the front of the school and worked our way around. As we did this we used methods to film our scenes, like the rule of thirds and panning around the room.

Next, we got all of our videos we filmed out of the camera, plugged the camera to a computer, uploaded all the videos to a USB drive, took our USB drive to an apple mac computer, uploaded them to the mac computer, downloaded it to Imovie, and a lot of other things to get us in the process of editing our video.

We had a lot of fun and laughs while editing our video. My partners and I. We found other peoples videos and played with the backward, forwards feature you can use with your mouse on Imovie and laughed on how funny we looked doing motions over and over again, our partner Prisila had to remind us many times to stay on task! It was a pretty fun time.

Alas, we did have to complete our video, so we edited, added music, fast forwarded some of the scenes and came out with our final product.

Tour of the Ann Richards School –

– Brenda Puente 8th period PLTW

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