Future of Prevention by Marlene Mora

Hi, I’m currently an 8th grader at Ann Richards and my name is Marlene. Recently in my PLTW class I completed the Biomedical Science module. For those of you who may not know what a module is, it’s  part of a special curriculum we have here at Ann Richards to help us determine what we like and what pathway we might be interested in 9th grade. The pathways are Media Technology, Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences. I had some mixed feelings going into this module because I was thinking that maybe I wasn’t going to have the skill to for this module or any biomedical related modules/projects.

In this module we got to explore our imaginations and the biomed field. The theme of this module was hypothesize what we think medicine would look like in 10, 20, 50, or 100 years. My group and I decided to take this idea one step forward and add technology into the mix. We decided that instead of focusing medicine we’d go a little more into prevention. Our theme was Future of Prevention and we decided that instead of thinking of cures we’d focus more on preventing any type of illness or diseases.

We thought of 1 device and 1 app. Our device is a “watch” aka a radar that anyone can use to be able to detect any virus/disease within a 10 ft radius and which direction it is located in. This watch is basically a radar that will benefit society in many ways. For example it will keep you informed about what is going on in your surroundings, the people you’re around, and overall it keeps you safe!!

Our other idea was this app that was kind of like a scanner. Have you ever had a scan code app? This is similar except it scans your body to try and detect viruses/diseases. This app is designed to detect any minor illness or disease in you with the click of a button. How it works is that you just scan any body part that you feel is not well, for example your nose. It would be able to tell you if you have a sinus infection or simply allergies. Besides that it also sends notifications to your doctors about your conditions on a weekly basis so they can keep track of you as well. This comes in handy because many times we go to the doctors office whenever we are unsure of any sickness and sometimes that can cause a lot of money. This app will ensure that you only go when necessary to the doctors.

Through this module we also learned to use this app called Arasma. It’s a cool app that can pretty much make anything interactive. You can program it to make certain pictures and information pop up once aimed at a certain object. I just fought this was really interesting and a great way to make learning more fun.

Overall I feel like I was able to conquer my doubts and make the most of this module. I got to be creative and think of ideas I’ve never thought of before. I am definitely going to consider the Biomed Pathway now. 🙂


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