Prosthetics by: Lilly Alvarado

Blog Post-

I just finished the module called prosthetics. It was actually really fun to do, we got to build a prosthetic leg out of recycled materials.

For my groups leg we had the idea of using one of those big ozarka waterbottles to be the part you stick your leg into. The bottle was sharp so we glued on a couple layers of bubble wrap so that it would be much more comfortable. The main part of the leg or what held everything upward was a hard cardboard tube. The foot was a block of wood but we sanded it down and cut it so it woild fit inside of a team members shoe.

To use the leg you would have to tie the string we attached to the watter bottle around your leg and then just start walking.

This project made me think about how easy the people with all of their limbs have it. In the beginning of this module we had to go without a body for five minutes, and I chose to go without my leg. My legs got really tired just hopping around from place to place and i was getting off balance. It makes you think about how hard it was for you to go without that body part for five minutes, and people have to go without the limb for their whole life.

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