Engineering Modules

Engineering in PLTW is really fun. Or at at least I found it really fun. The modules that I have done of all engineering modules are the bridge, computer automated drafting, construction and fabrication basics, and materials.

The bridge module was to build a self-supporting beam/truss. We had to build the bridge only using glue, toothpicks, and cotton thread. It wasn’t easy but it was fun to trying different ways to get it put together.

Computer automated drafting module was a review of inventor. We used inventor to create your object in the program using what we learned last year. It was a good review because you don’t know when you might need it in the future, it may help.

Construction and fabrication module was to build a bird house only using right angles. We use cedar fenceboard, plywood, wood glue, and spray paint. It was so much fun. I wish I could build another.

The materials module was the late is module I have done. The module was to spell out a word that relates to our school and use up cycled materials to spell out the word. My group use the word “star”. We use wood that had been use in passed projects, soda can top openers, and beads or used rainbow loop rubber bands. It was fun to build it and see the different ideas each person had to create their letter.

I really enjoy doing the engineering modules. I enjoy them because they are really fun to me and I love to build things or look up on how to build different thing I enjoy doing, like skateboards, so I’ve looked up how to build a skateboard before. I really enjoy engineering, and when you enjoy something you should continue to do that something.~Ora Edwards

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