Hands On Stuff

By Aileen Carrizalez
People tell me I am very different from girls they know and I know it is true because I know I am different. My dad works in construction. He installs tile floors, the decorating of the wall in the kitchen, backsplash and the back of niches, powder walls, vanity splash, and shower walls. Sometimes I work with my dad, and I use many tools that many girls find scary or stuff like that. I don’t find them scary, I find using tools very fun, even though it’s sometimes hard getting them to work or working with them.
A few weeks ago I did the materials module that is under the engineering module and also falls under the construction and fabrications module. For this module we were supposed to create a word using the system of upcycling, and we eventually created the word “ARS”, the initials of my school. I enjoyed this module because I am really interested in engineering and like doing hands on stuff work like I said before. In the module that I did, involved cutting wood out and decorating. Decorating and cutting are things that I really enjoy doing. I really liked the outcome of our project, I created the letters “A” and “S” and my partner did the letter “R”. What I used for my letters was stuff that I had at home. For the letter “A” I used beads, aluminum foil, a CD that I found, and paint. For my other letter, “S,” I used some cardboard and decorated it with glitter. My partner used string for her letter. (Images below)
Next year, for my freshman year I plan to take the engineering pathway. I’m really excited and I know I’m going to have many challenges but, I also now I’m going to have a lot of fun!



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