Videography Module by Prisila Samaniego-Marin

Hi! I’m Prisila and I go to ARS. I’m an eighth grader and I take a class called PLTW. In this class we get to explore the three pathways: Media Tech, Bio-Med, and Engineering. So far, I’ve done the media tech modules and a bio-med module. Today, I will be talking about  the media tech module named “Videography”.  In this module, we took shots from different angles all around the school. The video is pretty much a tour of the school.

For this module, we learned the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is when the camera screen is divided into 9 parts (two horizontal lines and two vertical lines.) When the screen is divided you then take a picture where the object isn’t in the middle and its on or as close as possible to one of the lines. After that, we took different shots of different parts of the school. We edited the video to make it go faster or slower at different parts.

In order to be successful in PLTW, you have to pay attention. You have to know what you’re doing and read directions. You have to be able to work in groups and be open to new ideas. Also, you need to know different ways to do something. you have to be able to make an effort to work hard. You have to keep track of your time because it’s hard to make good quality projects in a little amount of time. For this class, time is what will make you or break you; you need time to succeed.

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