Videography- Carolina Vazquez

Hello there! I’m Carolina Vazquez and these 1-2 weeks my team and I have been working on videography. What is videography you may ask ? Well its where your basically learning about ways to pictures and videos.
What I have learned with how to take good quality pictures was the rule of thirds. This is were you focus on an object but you don’t.. this may be a bit confusing. A picture is split into three equal parts. The far left the middle and the far right. The rule of thirds is when you focus on an object but take it in the position of either the far left/right. And thats basically it.
What I have learned from taking videos is all the different angles and ways you can take a video to make it look smooth and cool. For example you can put you camera on a towel and slide it on a flat surface to make a nice sweep and a smooth transition. All of these are really cool ways to take pictures and take videos.
It’s supper fun to take these videos and pictures, but I don’t really see it as a future to me 🙂

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