Media Tech

One of the last modules my group decided to do had been Intro into photography. Challenge two was to make a pinhole camera and attempt to take a photograph. At first we were extremely confused on how a can with a lid on top could ever help us take a photo, but as soon as we did the Darkroom Workshop we began to understand. We used photographic paper and taped that into the can. Photographic paper is paper with a coat of a light sensitive chemical formula. When the paper is exposed to light it captures an image and you put the paper in a liquid to produce the picture. All of this process should be done in a Dark Room and the way to see is but using a safe light. Many people think of safelights only being red, but they actually come in different colors. The red light we used happened to be red.

When we went to go capture an image, it was either that we had exposed the film to too much light or that when exposed it sooner than we thought, and many other ways. But my point is that we worked really hard to try to get at least one image, but it often takes multiple tries. I think that the main idea we learned is that you may have to try to multiple times but you will eventually learn.

Another module my group has done is videography. In that module we had to take a video of our school using the rule thirds which we had learned about in the first challenge. There were many different tricks and tips that we learned from watching tutorials on youtube done by Strawberry17. We got to film video clips and edit them on iMovie. Since the video we made had been our first, it wasn’t the best that it could be, but the lesson from this module is the same, that once you practice a skill you will eventually get better.

-Nicole R.

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