The Sum Of PLTW Semester 1-Sandy Sanchez


I would like to tell my readers about this class I take. It’s called Project Lead The Way or also known as PLTW. Now in this class, we focus on three main subjects. Bio medical science, media technology and engineering. So what we basically do is explore those three subjects with different projects or modules. The importance of this is so that we 8th graders get an idea of what each one is like for high school . In high school we get to choose one of those as a pathway. So far I have tried all of them with my group at least once and I must say, each module has affected me in a different way. Shall I explain?

So let’s start with engineering. This was the first pathway I decided to try out. It was the whole building a bridge out of toothpicks and glue thing. That first module went….. well let’s just say our bridge wasn’t the “strongest” or the “sturdiest” or even very “good”. But that didn’t stop us from facing a new module with a brand new challenge. We decided to take on building a birdhouse. Now, since we couldn’t even build a tiny bridge, we weren’t sure if we could create a not so tiny birdhouse. So with our small confidence, we decided that we were gonna build this birdhouse. And be the first ones in out class to do it! And after some sawing, gluing, drilling and painting, we had completed the first birdhouse in out 7th period class. And may I say, it came out way better than our toothpick bridge. Even though that’s not saying much, we still did a great job. This made me realize something about engineering… I really like it and I’m not so bad at tools either. I feel really confident using saws and drills and everything. I would really like to explore more on how things are built and the process you have to go through. At that point, I felt like I found the pathway for me. Until I tried media tech.

Now media tech was what I thought I wanted to do since I first heard about this whole pathway thing. And then when I tried engineering I thought I was wrong about that. But this module led me back to picking media tech… I think. This new module was where my group and I had to create a video about this new invention that was super important worldwide. Now, we really wanted to do something that really could help our world. But then we realized, we couldn’t think of anything. Until we thought of the Cool Spoon! A spoon that automatically cools your soup to the right temperature! I know, I know we really hit a worldwide problem about people burning their tongues on hot liquids… hold your applause. Anyway, creating and editing our video was super fun and it really brought out our creative side in my opinion. Which led me back to leaning towards media tech.

Then we tried bio medical science which wasn’t even on my radar about a possible pathway. Blood and germs? Not my thing. But doing this module has made me realize that bio med isn’t all about that. During our module, we had to come up with something that could help us in 10, 20, even 50 years from now. My group did an app that scans your body and tells you if anything is wrong. And we also did a watch that can tell if illnesses are near you. It was pretty fun, but I never felt a pull towards bio med during this module. But maybe I’ll change my mind soon.

So to sum it up, my PLTW class has been really fun and has exposed me to all the pathways. But I still have a whole other semester to decide what I want to do next year. Which is good because I still have no clue. I feel like I’m even more confused than I was at the beginning of the year. I guess I will keep trying each module out and seeing which seems to fit me.


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