The Birdhouse

“You have the screw driver on reverse, there, now that should work.”

“Zoë its not working!”

“What now? Your clamps aren’t on right. You have to use a drill bit to get through that not a screw, they are right there, no to the right, yes thats it.”

“Zoë I need your help.”

“Oh come on, I will never be able to finish my own wood block sandwich.”


That was me trying to help everyone make their block sandwiches for challenge Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.37.32 PMone of construction and fabrication. I ended up helping everyone because when I was little I would watch my dad make things, and I would try to help him. Since I grew up around tools I knew how everything worked, and my partners, not so much. I ended up being the last one to finish my block sandwich because I helped everyone else finish their’s. The hardest part for me was not only helping everyone else but using the screwdrivers because I could not put the drill pieces in tightly so sometimes they came off in the wood.


Making a birdhouse is fun because we have figured out how to work as a team will and how to use the much all the tools. We get the sides of the birdhouse, first we used some example pieces of wood to tinker. We made three different designs but we couldn’t decide on one so we decided to combine them all so we ended up one really awesome design. Then, after we have the side pieces measured out, we glued and clamped them and then restarted measuring out pieces of plywood for the front and back of the birdhouse. Then when all the glue is dry we had to use the brad nailer. After we knew how to use the brad nailer safely, we all wanted to nail with it because it was fun to use. Then after we had stapled everything, we had to decide on colors. Everyone, of course, picked their own colors and you can’t have five completely different colors on one birdhouse, it would be too conflicting. In the end we ended up mixing colors and only using pink, blue, white, and green. It turned out pretty nice the birdhouse looked a lot better when the paint was dry.


I have I had loads of fun learning how to use the tools and the maker space and make things, with wood, nails, screws, and other fantastic tools. This was one of my more favorite projects.module challenges because I got to use my hand hands and make things. I think I’m going to stick to the engineering category and I even Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.40.55 PMtry computer sciences next.


By: Zoë Magee

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