Blog post #2

Raymya Hardeman

The Upcycling Miracle

For this project the task was to create a word using things that have to do with our school or even creating a word that reads ARS. This whole process was called upcycling and upcycling is when you use already made and manufactured materials to create a mini statue with great symbolization and that was our task.


Starting off with this project was not easy nor was it a fast job. This project would take time and me and my group didn’t exactly have all the time needed. We had about 2 weeks which wouldn’t exactly give us a lot of class time at the most we would get 4-5 classes to do it and one those days one of us were absent at least one day.


This project was hard, but that’s what I enjoyed about it. It allowed us to be creative and to soar in places never soared. Of course we did argue over what the world would be for almost a whole class period and in the end we didn’t even end up using the word which was C’est la vie a french word meaning that’s just life. The component that allowed us to actually finish the product with a well liked product was the fact that we actually had great ideas of material such as nails, string, and CD’s which may not seem like great materials, but in the eyes of creative people like ourselves we used them in a way never used before. We broke the CD’s to glue on our R, and the nail’s and string to design on our A and we painted our S which was the hardest to create.

By doing this module it prepares us for our big task which is to be able to create and do a project on our own for maker’s fair, which is where we use STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) to create what we want. This module also allowed us to gain responsibility and show off the greater leadership traits that we show. This project also taught us to always be prepared to not be able to  proceed with original ideas and to no fall apart as a group or individuals when we have to do that.



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