Making a Video by Arianna Nunez

In the videography module, we learn techniques for making videos/movies, as well as editing skills. We learn types of shots you can take for your video, such as a fish eye view etc. We also learn rules for video shooting such as the “Rule of Thirds”. These skills will help us to create a video with eye catching effects. We also learn the process of making a video/movie.

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After we have learned what we need to do we have to set up a plan for what we will shoot in the video. In our movie, our job was to capture the idea of our school’s mission statement. We had to find things in our school, or create scenes that would represent our mission statement. We, then have to create a plan of action which would give us an idea of how of video would come out. Then, once we have finished our plan of action, we can then start filming.

What you need to shoot a video/movie:

– Camera
-plan of action
-places to film
-editing software

When we filmed, we had to look over every shot and see if has to be re filmed or not. Then when we have finished filming we go back to edit and look it over with Ms. Sauter. Then, we will figure out if this will fit the criteria of our objective. When going over it, we find out what we need to re film and go film new parts. We filming we realized that, we had to change and edit parts of our movie a lot, and rearrange things to create our movie.


Once, our video was finally edit to the criteria, we took our movie to the computer for editing. We had to transfer our video to iMovie for editing. Through that, we adjusted clips and it’s audio. Then, when the editing was finished, we had to do the voiceover for our mission statement. We used the microphone for recording and when finished we had to edit and add in the voice over. Finally we were finished with our movie.

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